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Get Stranded. Come be a part of a family’s adventure long ago on a tropical island where a weekend at sea journey turned into a much longer adventure. Shipwrecked and without a means off the Island, the Campbell and McManus families had to improvise. You will explore fun areas of the island that the stranded kids discovered themselves. While the Dads built tree houses to sleep in and a swinging bridge to get to the rest of the island, the kids were out exploring the mystical island. They discovered caves with long tunnels, twisting and turning, that created hiding places in every direction. They also found a strange ancient ruins – that they were certain were more recently used for hiding treasures.

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  • Mind-Bending Experience
  • Awesome Sound & Light Effects
  • Intensifying Kaleidoscope Glasses
  • Fun for ALL Ages

Island Mirror Maze is a unique, new attraction the entire family can enjoy! At over 3,000 square feet, the mirror maze’s infinite reflections, surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles will challenge you! It's a truly, mind-bending experience for all ages. Our kaleidoscope glasses will intensify the effects of the dazzling rainbowlights that will confuse and render you utterly lost.

Enter the Laser Maze where you must artfully navigate your way thru a web of security beams to accomplish your mission. Will your time be good enough to earn you a position in the coveted Top Ten scores?

Virtual Reality Arena is a high tech, free roaming, immersive experience! Enhanced with new state of the art 4D effects it is something you don't want to miss! Up to 4 people can play simultaneously.